To assist both nonprofit and for profit organizations in education, health, and community development to improve their service delivery in order to better serve their clientele. 

To meet our mission, we provide services in four main areas: professional development, program development, program evaluation, and data collection and management. We also use four values to guide our practice.

Inquiry is questioning for the sake of information. By incorporating an open and receptive approach to research, we utilize the process of inquiry to discover new possibilities that become effective solutions to address client needs. From the broadest perspective, this notion embodies the idea that our investigations produce efficacious and useful data to inform decision-making. By using systematic inquiry, we connect all services we provide to identify diverse answers, solutions and practices. Inquiry is our practice. It is what we provide as a service to our clients.

Imagination is a value that allows us to be free and creative with our thinking. Imagination in our research approach represents the artistic, creative side that is often overlooked in evaluation. We are committed to expanding our ability to solve problems in unique and unconventional ways enabling us to discern when to rely on traditional methods or when to step out of the comfort zone to try something new. Our imagination enables us to contend with the ebb and flow of data collection processes, so that we allow data to unfold in an authentic manner instead of rigidly adhering to preconceived research techniques. We develop an approach that is customized to our clients’ needs. 

Innovation represents our alignment with the emerging forefront of research, trends, or issues in any given discipline.  We continue to use conventional methods and techniques that contribute value to the research process in conjunction with innovative procedures that will advance new insights and perspectives. We recognize that research calls us to unexplored paths to go beyond what is normally expected.  Innovation points to our passion for considering new and novel methods instead of preserving the status quo strategies for research.

Integrity points to our commitment that the research we conduct will be handled in an authentic and honest manner. Although we mold our research methods to meet our clients’ needs, our goal is to maintain the validity of the data. Results and interpretations are driven by this principle of integrity, so that the stories we tell are congruent with the data we manage. Our values dictate that research be bound by a framework of ethical integrity.